3 Creative Barndominium Layouts

One of the most significant benefits of Barndominiums is the creativity that homeowners can use when building their homes. Barndominiums are very versatile homes. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of your family. Not only do you get to make the usual decisions regarding the number and placement of bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets, but Barndominium owners can take advantage of the ample square footage available to do truly unique things that traditional homes do not easily lend themselves to. 


Barndominiums are perfect for hobby enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Many Barndominium owners incorporate some of their space into an oversized garage or workshop for their livelihood or hobby. This barndominium layout features a huge workshop space and a beautiful home under one roof to give you the best of both worlds: 

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With more people working from home than ever, the ability to have such a versatile working space at home is an attractive benefit. 


Some people mistakenly assume that all Barndominiums consist of a vast open room with not a lot of privacy. And indeed, many Barndominium owners do enjoy spacious floor plans; however, there are many different designs available. Barndominiums can have multiple floors, hallways, stairways, and other features typically associated with traditional builds. 

Floor plans such as this one evoke a more traditional home both inside and out.

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This layout boasts a traditional front porch and a second story giving it a cozy homelike feel and plenty of space for hospitality.


Layouts such as this open concept layout are great for those with large families or people who entertain often. This floor plan offers an ample kitchen with open dining and family rooms that overlook a spacious back porch for outdoor entertaining. In addition, there are four bedrooms as well as guest rooms upstairs. 

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No matter what you’re looking for, there are many ways to customize and adapt the layout of your Barndominium. We can help you find the best possible Barndominium layout for your family. 

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