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7 Reasons To Consider a Barndominium For Your Home Build

Barndominiums are a new type of home that many looking to build from scratch are considering these days. Unlike a traditional custom build, Barndominiums offer the best of both worlds, allowing for customized floor plans and multipurpose spaces at an affordable price and a quick build timeline. 

Not sure if a Barndominium is the best choice for you? We have some reasons for you to consider one for your next home. Check out these 7 benefits to Barndominiums, and contact our team today to learn more about this type of home for you. 

1. Enjoy Versatility

Barndominiums are typically open designs, so they can be custom-tailored exactly to what you want. Regardless of your style or needs, this can be a perfect option for your home build.

You can live in one of these homes while also having a workshop, hobby shop, warehouse, gym, or just about any space a building owner can imagine. Regardless of what you have in mind, a Barndominium’s versatile is likely enough to bring your vision to life while checking all of the boxes. 

2. Don’t Wait Years For Construction

It can take a long time for a custom home to be built – as long as years between finding land, working with a builder, and actually getting all of the construction completed. However, a Barndominium comes with a rather quick building process, so you’ll be able to stick to a quicker timeline and move in without a long wait. 

3. Need An Addition? Easy!

If after your construction finishes and you realize you need additional space, adding to a Barndominium is much easier than conventionally constructed buildings. And post-construction additions don’t need to happen just after the build. If years down the line you need more space, updating your home is a very doable task. This is excellent news if you’re unsure of how your needs may change over time.

4. Outlast The Elements

The metal in Barndominiums allows for optimal durability and longevity. You can rely on your home to protect you from damaging elements including water, wind, heat, and other elements, depending on where you live. 

Also, great news? Barndominium structures last up to 60+ years without the need for reinforcements, additional construction, or updates. 

5. Low-Maintenance Upkeep

Metal and steel Barndominiums require very little upkeep and maintenance. If you want a low-maintenance home that doesn’t require constant care, Barndominiums are a great choice for you. Forget the continuous updates to paint, siding, repair, and more. 

6. Affordable Custom Homes

Traditional homes can easily surpass hundreds of thousands of dollars, but a Barndominium is much more cost-effective. You’ll find many larger, high-end builds costing $450,000 or more, and basic shells with living quarters starting as low as $50/square foot.

7. Save On Energy Costs

Due to the steel used in Barndominiums, these structures are incredibly energy efficient. They offer optimal insulation and weatherization against natural elements, eliminating the need for extra cooling or heating appliances. The metal roofs also do wonders for conserving energy by having high reflectivity ratings. If you want a home that is affordable today and years from now, this is a great option for you. 


Have other questions? 

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