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Custom Built Barndominiums

Barndominiums combine the best of both a barn and condominium, as the name alludes. We specialize in designing and building Barndominiums and would love to help you create your dream project!

Our average completed
Barndominiums range between $400,000-$550,000.

Why Barndominiums?

  • They are much more affordable to build than conventional homes.
  • Barndominiums take about half the time to build as traditional houses.
  • They are extremely durable and offer lots of structural support.
  • A barndominium offers flexible space management and can be designed from the start exactly how you like.
  • They are low maintenance and require less expensive insurance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barndominium Unique Features

Where we are located and who we serve:

JJ’s Custom Builders is located in Holtwood, PA, and serves the Lancaster County area and beyond. 

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