Benefits of Barndominiums

Barndominiums are barn-style buildings that offer the perfect combination of farmhouse chic and modern flare. These up-and-coming, post-framed hybrid houses are an eco-friendly way to build and provide unique high-quality features for homeowners. Since they are a relatively new concept, we’ve put together a list of why we think barndominiums are an excellent choice for homeowners.


Barndominiums are a cost-effective option for those looking to build a customized home. For a custom home with high-end interior finishes, barndominiums will typically be approximately $20 less per square foot versus a traditional build. While it doesn’t seem like a significant difference, over the entirety of a home, those savings add up quickly!


The open floor plan of barndominiums is not only on trend but also offers the flexibility and versatility to customize these structures as a home, office, gym, workspace, and more. Most barndominiums average four bedrooms, and floor plans can be completely customizable for a unique flow specific to your needs. In the absence of interior roof point loads, the options a barndominium can offer are virtually endless, and working with a reputable builder can ensure that whatever your vision, your barndominium exceeds expectations!

Unique Features

In addition to their versatility, barndominiums are unique in that construction is extremely efficient and offers easy additions in the future. Not only are these buildings unique in their customizable layout and features, the process for building these incredible structures is more eco-friendly than traditional builds. The stick-build and metal sheaths of barndominiums makes assembly fast and modification easy. As a result, the standard timeframe for building a barndominium is around 6-9 months. They’re also extremely durable and energy efficient, so no matter the environment, these structures are excellently weatherized and provide a low maintenance solution to anyone looking for a custom build.

As barndominiums grow in popularity, finding an experienced builder is key to creating the home of your dreams. JJ’s Custom Builders is happy to provide a quote for your custom barndominium today!

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