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Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated team who will guide your project from start to finish. From offering insights at the beginning to staying in touch during decisions and construction, our professionals are with you all the way. We’re hands-on, using our skilled crews to ensure precision and quality in every aspect. With our experienced designers, estimators, project managers, and craftsmen, your project is in capable hands. Trust us to bring your vision to life with expertise and professionalism.

Jonathan King - President

Meet Jonathan, the visionary behind JJ’s Custom Builders, was immersed in craftsmanship from a young age, learning woodworking and carpentry from his father. Recognizing a need for builders prioritizing community service and transparency, he founded Team JJ’s to create seamless, enjoyable building experiences. As President, he leads a team dedicated to excellence, integrity, and making clients’ dreams a reality, redefining building standards in the region.

Timothy Holland - Designer

Meet Timothy, a versatile designer with a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries, including construction, restoration, and aerospace. Specializing in technical design, project management, personnel management, supply chain and logistics, process improvement, software development, and data analytics, Timothy brings a diverse skill set to his role. Proficient in various CAD and other software programs, he thrives on tackling the challenges presented by rich and unique projects. With a passion for innovation and problem-solving, Timothy is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations in every endeavor.

Bob Porterfield - Project Director

Meet Bob, our guiding force behind project execution, ensuring every milestone is met with precision and excellence. With a knack for strategic planning and a keen eye for detail, Bob leads the team with enthusiasm and determination. With years of experience in project management across various industries, Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Marvin Lantz - Estimator / Accounting Specialist

Meet Marvin, our skilled Estimator and Accounting Specialist at JJ’s Custom Builders. With a meticulous eye for detail and a knack for numbers, Marvin plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial integrity of our projects.

Drawing from his extensive experience in both estimation and accounting, Marvin excels in accurately assessing project costs and managing budgets effectively. His expertise allows us to streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and maintain profitability.

Whether he’s analyzing project expenses or balancing accounts, Marvin’s commitment to excellence shines through, helping to drive the success of our projects and the overall financial health of our company.

Kirsten Dimitris - Marketing Director

Meet Kirsten, the creative and results-driven Marketing Director at JJ’s Custom Builders. Kirsten excels in utilizing her expertise in social media marketing, design creation, and advertising to orchestrate comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns. 

Beyond her technical skills, Kirsten is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and empowering others. Passionate about fostering engagement and converting prospects into loyal customers, she specializes in developing and executing marketing strategies that leave a lasting impact. 

Kristin Taylor - Office Administrator

Meet Kristin, our dedicated Office Administrator at JJ’s Custom Builders. With a friendly demeanor and exceptional organizational skills, Kristin ensures the smooth operation of our office on a daily basis.

Tasked with managing administrative duties, scheduling appointments, and handling correspondence, Kristin is the backbone of our team. Her attention to detail and efficiency help keep our projects on track and our clients satisfied.

Beyond her administrative duties, Kristin is known for her ability to multitask and problem-solve with ease. Whether she’s coordinating meetings or assisting team members, Kristin approaches every task with professionalism and a can-do attitude.

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