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Modern Farmhouse Style in Custom Built Barndominiums

The farmhouse style has been a favorite among homeowners for centuries, but in recent years, it has had a resurgence in popularity. For those seeking a unique twist on this classic look, a custom-built barndominium may be just the thing. The barndominium style offers a rustic and spacious living environment that can be designed to embody the modern farmhouse aesthetic. In this article, we’ll dive into the elements that make up a modern farmhouse style you can incorporate into your own custom-built barndominiums.

Utilizing Natural Materials

Modern farmhouse style is characterized by the use of natural, rustic materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, and metal. With the barndominium style, these materials can be incorporated into the home’s exterior and interior. The exposed beams, often found in the ceiling of a barndominium great room, are a prime example of this style. Further, be sure to leverage the surrounding landscape. Custom-built barndominiums are often built on rural land, so inviting the natural world inside with large windows and natural lighting can complete the look.

High Ceilings and Open Spaces

Custom-built barndominiums often boast open-concept floor plans, expansive great rooms, and high ceilings. These spacious areas with natural light pouring in create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere conducive to hosting and entertaining. Think about the furniture while making these design choices. Choose comfortable leather sofas in inviting colors, with soft, textural blankets and pillows to continue the warm, rustic feel of the home.

The Right Lighting

Proper lighting is key in any home, but it’s especially important with barndominium style. Lighting can help create that warm and inviting atmosphere that the modern farmhouse style is known for. Consider using light fixtures that complement the natural materials used in the home, such as wrought iron or lantern-style fixtures. For example, an oversized chandelier is often found in the central Great Room of many custom-built barndominium homes. It serves a double purpose—to light the great room and to create a statement focal point in the center of the space.

Neutral Colors with Bold Accents

Think beiges, whites, and soft grays when you imagine the modern farmhouse-style color palette. However, touches of bold, bright colors such as deep blues or warm oranges can help break up a neutral interior. Think area rugs, throw pillows or blankets, and curtains in your favorite bold color with lots of textures. This creates a balanced, layered look and adds life to the space.

The modern farmhouse style is a timeless design that can be uniquely tailored to custom-built barndominiums. With the use of natural materials, high ceilings, and open spaces, these homes offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. Proper lighting and neutral colors with bold accents provide a variety of features for residents to enjoy. 

By embracing the modern farmhouse style in your custom-built barndominium, you can create a beautiful sanctuary that fits your lifestyle and personality. Ready to get started on your dream home? Contact JJ’s Custom Builders today!

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