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Pole Buildings in Havre de Grace and Bel Air, Maryland

Whether you’re trying to protect your animals or expensive equipment, a custom-designed pole building may be the correct choice for those who live in Havre de Grace and Bel Air, Maryland. Our buildings are designed with ultimate efficiency and maximum convenience in mind for work or play. With our many years of experience and expert craftsmen, we can guide you through the design process and offer some of the most affordable options for your specific needs. The following answers some of the most common questions we’re asked:

What are pole buildings?

Pole buildings are post-frame structures that are built from the ground up. The posts do double duty supporting the full building structure as well as the trusses for the roof. Because the construction uses fewer framing members, it cuts down on time and the cost of materials. At one time, pole buildings had a negative connotation and were regarded as merely farm buildings; but with custom designs using cutting-edge technology, pole buildings are now regarded as the most efficient method to modern buildings requirements.

How are Pole Buildings Used?

While there’s not one specific way to use pole buildings and barndominiums in Maryland, they can be used for anything from agricultural to residential storage. They are decent-sized buildings where people can store extra items that don’t fit anywhere else.

For instance, residents might use a pole building as a carport, garage, storage for boats, a workshop, or even a home. Commercially, pole buildings can be used as a shop, airplane hangars, self-storage buildings, or even a church. Farmers use their pole buildings for storing machinery or animal barns. It could be a horse-riding arena or a roof to keep your valuable items or animals out of inclement weather.

Why Should I Choose a Pole Building?

There are several very good reasons to choose a pole building as your custom structure:

  • They can last between 60 and 80 years, and possibly even longer if maintained properly
  • They are much more economical and efficient
  • They allow for the greatest amount of flexibility in customization
  • They have one of the lowest construction costs of any permanent structure
  • They are one of the fastest kinds of buildings to build from the ground up, which makes them a cheaper alternative to other building methods
  • They are practically indestructible and virtually maintenance-free
  • They require much lower insurance costs
  • Your pole building will last longer than the reason you constructed it
  • It holds its value and is nearly always worth more once completed than the cost of its construction
  • It lasts longer than a traditional building, withstanding violent weather (even earthquakes)

With all the benefits listed, you should investigate the custom-designed pole building option before deciding anything else. Pole buildings in Havre de Grace and Bel Air, Maryland, would be an excellent choice. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We’re here to serve you.

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