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Custom Barndominum Builders in Salisbury, MD

JJ’s Custom Builders are expert craftsmen and custom builders that specialize in custom Barndominiums in Salisbury, MD. A cross between barn and condominium, a Barndominium offers all the amenities of a custom home within the unique space of a large metal structure.

Most completed projects range between $400,000-$550,000

Why Barndominiums?

Affordability – Barndominiums are much more affordable than conventional homes

Time– construction takes about half the time as a traditional home

Durability – Barndominiums stand up to extreme weather and offer lots of structural support

Unique and Flexible– space management can be highly specific to suit your needs

Low Maintenance – Bardominiums are easy to take care of and require less expensive insurance costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 6 months from the start of the build (the permitting process is dependent on each county and is not factored into this timeframe).

The cost per square usually starts at $120 depending on details.

Our plans typically include 4 bedrooms, but every plan is customizable!

Most banks will do a standard construction loan, however we can also recommend financing companies we have worked with in the past that may be a good fit for you!

Barndominium Unique Features

Serving Salisbury, MD

As one of the fastest-growing cities in Maryland, Salisbury is a great place to call home.  JJ’s Custom Builders can help you achieve the custom Barndominum of your dreams that will allow you to sit back and enjoy all that Maryland’s Eastern Shore has to offer.

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